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Innovations Volume 20, Number 4 | Fall 2013

Innovations Volume 20, Number 4 | Fall 2013

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In the Fall 2013 Innovations issue, we focus on learning and play from infant-toddler centers to primary schools in Reggio Emilia, Italy, specifically at the Loris Malaguzzi Center. The issue begins with an article from three educators from Reggio Emilia: Maddalena Tedeschi, a pedagogista; Francesca Manfredi, an atelierista; and Giusi Graselli, a primary school teacher. Five educators from the United States wrote two separate commentaries where they offered reflections on this article.

The culture of the atelier is a central focus in this issue with attention given to the role of the teacher in questioning and relaunching inquiry. The authors discuss the importance of considering points of view by children and adults as they learn. The atelier is described by Loris Malaguzzi as a market of ideas where each one brings something and these wares are exchanged. The educators from the United States reflected on the article and shared how they look at the school as a studio and practice progettazione through designing curriculum together, sharing some of their challenges of meeting Common Core Standards. Educators included an interesting reflection about a project where the origins of energy were studied. The issue concludes with a reflection on the Wonder of Learning exhibit as it was presented in Western Kentucky.

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