One City, Many Children: Reggio Emilia, a History of the Present

One City, Many Children: Reggio Emilia, a History of the Present

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One City, Many Children recounts the story of the birth and development of Reggio Emilia’s infant and toddler centers and preschools.

The narrative is developed through a number of broad themes: city and families participation, the active role of women and women’s movements, the politics of education in the city’s municipal administration, the ties between pedagogy and politics, the originality of pedagogical thinking of Loris Malaguzzi and of the Reggio Emilia education project, and the strongly international identity of what is a local experience.

These themes, all topical and capable of generating new questions on education, on the role of schools, and as their highest aspiration, on the culture of children and human beings, are explored more deeply through contributions and considerations from architects, atelieristas, designers, academics, philosophers, photographers, teachers, pedagogues and pedagogistas, poets, film directors, scientists, writers and historians: the theory of the hundred languages of children shapes the construction of the narrative form.

With interviews and texts by Renzo Bonazzi, Simona Bonilauri, Ettore Borghi, Jerome Bruner, Antonio Canovi, Luciano Corradini, Gunilla Dahlberg, Graziano Delrio, Paul Ginsborg, Loris Malaguzzi, Carla Rinaldi, Vea Vecchi. English translation Jane Mc Call

Rolando Baldini, Ilaria Cavallini, Peter Moss and Vania Vecchi, editors, 2012; Reggio Children Publications, illustrated, softbound, 272 pp.

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