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Innovations Volume 23, Number 4 | December 2016

Innovations Volume 23, Number 4 | December 2016

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In this issue of Innovations, we focus on the rights of children to participate in the life of their community, to develop and maintain relationships, and to have a voice in asserting their rights. The first article comes from the Children Are Citizens project about children’s experiences in Washington, DC and in Reggio Emilia. This article stems from a collaboration between DC public schools and the Project Zero from Harvard Graduate School of Education. Authors are Mara Kreschevsky and Ben Mardell from Harvard and Tiziani Filippini and Maddalena Tedeschi from Reggio Emilia. 

The “Voices: Conversations from North America and Beyond” column continues with tributes to Jerome Bruner through an article, “Building Possible Worlds: The Special Friendship between Reggio Emilia and Professor Jerome Bruner in Three Acts,” a tribute to him from the children, parents, teachers, atelieristas, cooks, and pedagogistas of the Preschools and Infant-Toddler Centers of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia. Margie Cooper also gives an insightful tribute to him with her article, “The Conditions of Creativity as Explored by Jerome Bruner” where she mentions how he looked at the question of surprise and its place in creativity and learning. The column also features an article by Emily Murphy from Colorado State about children’s friendships. The issue ends with a reflection from Judith Kaminsky from NAREA about the power of the collective voice as seen through the Wonder of Learning exhibit initiative.

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