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Innovations Volume 26 Bundle | 2019

Innovations Volume 26 Bundle | 2019

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The four-issue bundle of 2019 includes an important article by Paola Cagliari, Ivanna Soncini, and Moira Nicolosi in which foundations of Reggio Emilia’s views are brought to light through a discussion of the relationship of rights, differences, participation, and democracy. By deeply considering children with special rights, the authors reveal attitudes and actions that have made Reggio Emilia world-renowned. Also part is an overview of projects and initiatives by the nonprofit Reggio Children Foundation. Any bundle that includes an article penned by Vea Vecchi is a jewel, and you’ll find a beautiful reflection from her on the democracy of knowledge, as well as a captivating article from South African authors Heather Barclay and Judith Browne. This bundle is a brilliant addition to any professional library.

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